Electrical Engineering

With regard to power systems engineering, we offer our clients the following services:

Medium voltage and low voltage (0.4kV / 1kV / 10kV / 20kV / 35kV)

- Substation
An experienced team of engineers, project designers and on-site workers of VB energetik carry out the necessary designs and prepare the construction for the substations; the procurement of the necessary materials and connection to the network and finally the installation of substations.

- Overhead lines
The list of work that the company VB energetik has successfully carried out for many years includes the entire process from project development through construction to commissioning of medium and low voltage lines.

- Cable lines
The scope of works includes the complete process, from design, construction, to commissioning of medium and low voltage lines. Professional workers of the company VB energetik go out on the field without delay and reconstruct or repair the existing cable lines.

- Maintenance and reconstruction
The VB energetik team takes care of the regular maintenance of medium and low voltage stations, but also reacts quickly to sudden power interruptions 24/7.

- Public and decorative lighting
The company VB energetik has been carrying out work on the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of public, industrial and decorative lighting for many years, from planning to commissioning.

- Industrial and indoor installations
The list of work successfully carried out by VB energetik includes work on the construction of industrial and private internal electrical systems, as well as on the delivery of the necessary materials. Internal installations include electrical installations in residential, commercial, business and sports facilities, this installation covers the laying of cables; the assembly of distribution cabinets; the assembly of accessories, lighting systems, uninterruptible power supply systems and diesel generators.

- Telecommunication and signaling systems
The scope of work also includes installations in residential, commercial, business and sports facilities. Installations of this type include installations of fire protection systems, access control and intrusion detection systems, intercom systems, CCTV systems, computer networks and aerial television systems.

- Creation of the project documentation for all listed services

Renewable energy

- Solar panels
The experienced team of the company VB energetik in its offer provide the installation of solar collectors as well as the necessary project design.